Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Soooooo....this is what I started with....
Take a minute to take it all in... please :) 

I was super excited to get in and get started.... ok maybe excited isn't the word, but I was ready to get started and see what I could do with the space.
First I asked my mom to come in and help me unload the bookshelves because all of that material was staying since it is 2nd grade. Then we managed to haul those shelves out of the classroom...I had BIG plans for that back wall.  After those were out I asked Harry to remove the TV...he wasn't crazy about that idea, but he did it.  Then that "1974" built in cabinet had to go...it was unbelievably insane how UNFUNCTIONAL it was.  I ripped out much of it by myself and then my sweet hubby came in and helped me tear down what I couldn't budge. 
Finally I had to paint that wall...actually I painted all four walls, but this one had 3 different paint colors going on...
I'll be back to share what that back area looks like now...need to get some good pictures when it isn't dark.... stay tuned :)

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