Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Days!!!

I cannot believe how many snow days we have had this school year!!!
I have never seen anything like it!!!

February News:

Valentine Party will be Monday at 2:oo...hopefully the snow will be melted by! Students have been asked to bring in $3 to pay for the cost of pizza. We could also use canned pop for 24 students and if anyone wants to send in a sweet treat that would be amazing!!!

Students don't forget to make a Valentine card holder

Study Club Thursdays will resume next Thursday...

AR TEST #2 was due on the 9th...I am extending it until the 15th!

Parents progress reports will be sent home next week!!! If you need your password to check your child's grades online please send me a note and I will get that information for you:)

Stay warm and enjoy our {last}snow day!!!

~Mrs. Ille

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