Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Behind Before I Even Get To Start

I report back to school August 9th... And I am panicking!!! Why? Because I haven't been able to step foot in my classroom yet! The floors are still not finished... This news caused my stomach to knot up and my insomnia to flare up ( ok maybe I'm being a little dramatic) NOT! You see I'm usually in my room a full two weeks before I see anyone else in my building there and this will not be the case this year...and that frightens me...I am a TALKER, so this means I won't get near enough accomplished when I go back and everyone else is there too! Is anyone else facing this issue? Lol! I am behind... When am I not? When is any teacher not just a little behind? It'll be will get done. No pictures in this post, but I am making a strong promise to do better about that this year! I am not a very great blogger, but I'd like to be when I'm NOT so behind;) -Mrs. Ille :)


  1. 1. I too feel behind and don't have my keys yet.
    2. I get my keys August 13th and am anxiously planning out exactly how I can get the most done during this time without being the girl that doesn't talk to anybody at all during this time!
    3. I also post without pictures, quite often actually, and hope to be a better blogger this school year too!
    Good luck!

  2. You sound just like me! God Never Panics!

  3. That has always been the case for our school. They always wax the floor and we can get in about the week before. this year however, i am moving schools and haven't even begun to start moving my things there. i think i would be with you in the freaking out part, but not so much since i will be a math coach, so i only have a little room to set up :) good luck!

  4. Hello,

    I am now following your blog!

    You gave me this email address and wanted a freebie from my page - only unfortunately this email got sent back to me! Is there something I did wrong or do you have another one?



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