Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy MLK Day

Just wanted to share a quick picture of one of the many things my fourth graders did last week to learn about and honor Martin Luther King Jr.  We had a phenomenal week understanding why we celebrate the third Monday in January and realizing the legacy MLK left behind. 

Sometimes just a simple act of kindness can mean something big to the person receiving it.  

Happy Monday,

Mrs. Ille

Friday, January 17, 2014

The File Cabinet Transformation REALLY Did Happen...

Yeah..yeah...I posted a pic on July 4th showing what kind of file cabinet project I had in mind for my classroom.  Well the people of Facebook came through for me and I managed to snag three filing cabinets for FREE!!! Yes!  I brought them home...they were your standard taupe and light grey colored metal.  I used Rustoleum Satin Lagoon spray paint and bought a nicer grade of plywood from Lowes...the nice Lowes man even it cut it to my measurements for me...

Then I added some left over min wax stain with the poly built in...and was falling even more in love!

I also bought some thin finishing trim at Lowe's and stained it, cut it to fit and used some wood glue and painters tape to hold it in place until it dried....then my sweet Mr. helped me move to her home.

And see that sweet little gnome, well he was lonely so I found him some friends.

Hung my bulletin board and added a few more touches of "home". :)

So yea for projects that REALLY do get accomplished!!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4th Already???

So in about 5 short weeks we will be back at it again...Eeek!!!!  Lots of changes going on at my school district this year too... Still not sure how I feel about it either... I will still be teaching 4th graders Thank You Jesus!!! I'm getting excited about some new and/or semi-new things I'm going to do this year...more interactive notebooking, social studies "road trip", maybe some fresh paint on the walls and a Pinterest inspired project up my sleeve for adding some much needed storage.... Here's the pin that is inspiring me:)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Week 4 In The Books...

Today we wrapped up week number four baby!!!  I cannot believe how fast they have went by. I have such a sweet class of kiddos, and I'm truly enjoying them.  This year I've started several "new to me" teaching ideas in my room, which is scary, but I'm loving the excitement that each new element is bringing to my classroom:)

The first thing I've added to my bag is multiplication mastery from Laura Candler...seriously my students are L-O-V-I-N-G earning ice cream scoops for each fact family they complete in a minute!!! I'm excited to use the fun division ideas in the book as well.

I also purchased Laura Candler's Power Reading ebook and have started implementing reading workshop into my classroom! I could not be happier with how things are going getting this up and off the only concern is getting in the required reading grades my district requires...still working on that one, but seriously these two books from Laura Candler Were money well spent!

I have also started a math interactive notebook and a science notebook!

It's always scary and a little unsettling to start something new, but it has been so fun too!

Happy Friday!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

So far So good....

Well we have had three successful days of fourth grade! We usually don't have a four day first week but it's worked out ok;) like I had a choice lol!

This week has really been a blur starting with Sunday morning when I got the phone call that my sister was in labor and then I spent the entire day at the hospital waiting for a precious little baby girl to be born! She made her entrance at 11:14 p.m and I was at the hospital until after 1... Monday was a non-contract day for me but of course I had to go in to do a few last minute things...(like make copies and do a few lesson plans) cause that's how I roll....but then the kiddos and I made a mad dash to the hospital so they could see their new sweet cousin;)

School started Tuesday...I have a class of 21 (I had 27 last year!) 8 boys (17 last year) and 13 girls. So far I think my new little group is quite adorable.... Hope things stay that way;)

I'm excited about all the possibilities this year holds... I am self contained and really wanting to shake my reading instruction up this year. I've read all the books from Debbie Diller to The Sisters to The Book Whisperer....please tell me what works best for your reading instruction....

Have a great Friday!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Behind Before I Even Get To Start

I report back to school August 9th... And I am panicking!!! Why? Because I haven't been able to step foot in my classroom yet! The floors are still not finished... This news caused my stomach to knot up and my insomnia to flare up ( ok maybe I'm being a little dramatic) NOT! You see I'm usually in my room a full two weeks before I see anyone else in my building there and this will not be the case this year...and that frightens me...I am a TALKER, so this means I won't get near enough accomplished when I go back and everyone else is there too! Is anyone else facing this issue? Lol! I am behind... When am I not? When is any teacher not just a little behind? It'll be will get done. No pictures in this post, but I am making a strong promise to do better about that this year! I am not a very great blogger, but I'd like to be when I'm NOT so behind;) -Mrs. Ille :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Currently...I FINALLY figured it out!!!!

Gee Whiz....I generally think that I am pretty techy...ok semi-techy but this about ate my lunch trying to get this thing done on my MAC....anywho...I did it...Here is my "Currently"

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