Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Soooooo....this is what I started with....
Take a minute to take it all in... please :) 

I was super excited to get in and get started.... ok maybe excited isn't the word, but I was ready to get started and see what I could do with the space.
First I asked my mom to come in and help me unload the bookshelves because all of that material was staying since it is 2nd grade. Then we managed to haul those shelves out of the classroom...I had BIG plans for that back wall.  After those were out I asked Harry to remove the TV...he wasn't crazy about that idea, but he did it.  Then that "1974" built in cabinet had to go...it was unbelievably insane how UNFUNCTIONAL it was.  I ripped out much of it by myself and then my sweet hubby came in and helped me tear down what I couldn't budge. 
Finally I had to paint that wall...actually I painted all four walls, but this one had 3 different paint colors going on...
I'll be back to share what that back area looks like now...need to get some good pictures when it isn't dark.... stay tuned :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I finally did it!!! I created a power point over my MLK projects I've been doing in my classroom the past 4 or 5 years (Check it out on instagram find me @thepolkadotdesk or @mrsille  I grammed about this project but never blogged about it)...AND I uploaded it to TPT!!! I have wanted to join this community for a really long time, but have been stumped, scared, not sure of myself...etc. etc. BUT tonight I decided to just go for it!!!! Everyone has to start somewhere right???

Monday, May 25, 2015

It's Official!

Got the official word last week.... I will be a 2nd grade teacher this fall!  I am beyond excited!!! I've taught for 11 years and all have been in 6th, 5th and 4th grades...the past 6 years have been in 4th.  I am nervous and thrilled to be digging into a new grade level.  I know that learning new curriculum will provide the growth and challenge I have been craving!  This move requires another big move...from one building to another.  I have already started packing and sorting and trashing things.... really wanting that fresh start that this change will allow me. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Is it April Yet???

I know that March is only 6 days old, but the other day while perusing Instagram I came across the fabulous Tiffany May's ONE FAB TEACHER post of her A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E April calendar cards.  This girl is such a fun, upbeat, POSITIVE person....she would be SO MUCH FUN to teach with! She is also generous.  She was about to post the cards to her TPT shop, but wanted to share them too.  She said she would GIVE a copy to the first 8 emails she received...normally I would not have been one of the first 8....but this time I was!!!! I quickly printed, cut out, laminated, and cut out again and debated changing my calendar to April  now....I mean take a look at how cute these are...so cute that I couldn't resist purchasing the March cards today. Then I won't have to wait until April to enjoy the adorableness....I can't wait to switch out my calendar Monday morning!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hello March!

In like a lion in Oklahoma! I cannot believe it is March... It always seems that January and February take forever... Thankful that spring SHOULD be right around the corner.

This month my fourth graders will study the man behind Dr. Seuss and learn more about the non-fiction genre of biographies. 
We will continue to explore figurative language. 
Measurement is a huge concept we will be learning about. 
We've been studying matter and will make oobleck this week!!! Fun times!

I am crossing my fingers for some outdoor recess!!!!  Even though I love seeing stuff like this after an indoor session:)

Monday, December 29, 2014


I was inspired by the fabulous Farley and her friend Buck to add a class mascot to my classroom this year.  So I went to the great people of Facebook and put out a plea asking if anyone had an extra deer mount lying around...long shot I know, but I do live in rural Oklahoma, so I thought it was worth a shot. Low and behold a friend of mine from church posted that her husband had one in a shed that was not being used and that I was welcome to him!!!! I was super excited! She brought him to church and I immediately took him to my classroom...he hung out and I introduced him to our custodians hehe!   My son decided he should be named Simon...you know like Simon Says and the clouds parted and the heavens sang and Simon found a forever home in my classroom....

Simon chose his antlers to write about during our "Best Part of Me" writing lesson.

Simon reminds us of important events, gives us words of wisdom and relays random facts.  He also wishes each student a Happy Birthday while wearing his birthday hat!

Simon enjoyed the Christmas season and my students painted portraits of Simon's cousin Rudolph...

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Washington D.C. Recap

Thursday, October 30th I got the privilege to attend the National Conference on Character Education in Washington D. C.  It was such an exciting trip!  The conference put on by character.org featured some amazing speakers, teachers, and authors.  I learned so much and have several books on my wish list that I NEED to read now.  While we were there we got to see many of the monuments and we visited the Holocaust museum... I feel like I haven't stopped since we left that morning, but I am so grateful for the opportunity I was given. 

Here are a few shots from our Monuments by Moonlight tour....

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