Monday, December 29, 2014


I was inspired by the fabulous Farley and her friend Buck to add a class mascot to my classroom this year.  So I went to the great people of Facebook and put out a plea asking if anyone had an extra deer mount lying around...long shot I know, but I do live in rural Oklahoma, so I thought it was worth a shot. Low and behold a friend of mine from church posted that her husband had one in a shed that was not being used and that I was welcome to him!!!! I was super excited! She brought him to church and I immediately took him to my classroom...he hung out and I introduced him to our custodians hehe!   My son decided he should be named know like Simon Says and the clouds parted and the heavens sang and Simon found a forever home in my classroom....

Simon chose his antlers to write about during our "Best Part of Me" writing lesson.

Simon reminds us of important events, gives us words of wisdom and relays random facts.  He also wishes each student a Happy Birthday while wearing his birthday hat!

Simon enjoyed the Christmas season and my students painted portraits of Simon's cousin Rudolph...

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