Saturday, July 16, 2016

Camper Love

Once again I have moved classrooms/grades.  Last summer I moved to second grade, but I'm moving BACK to upper elementary this fall!!! Yeah baby! 5th grade...and we are departmentalizing. I GET TO TEACH READING ALL DAY!!!! I am so pumped.  I've been working the past couple of weeks in my classroom trying to get it all together before our family vacation.  I want to relax on the beach and know my room is ready to go... pssshh probably dreaming, but it's my dream! Ha!
I bought a framed calendar from Hobby Lobby so that I could free up my only bulletin board in my room...but my calendar cards I bought last year from Miss May were too big for it, so I decided to create my own...
Well one thing leads to another I guess... and now I have matching table/team number signs!!! EEEEK and I love them!!!!
You can find them on my TPT store.
I cannot wait to come back to share more pics of my NEW room! 
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