Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Behind Before I Even Get To Start

I report back to school August 9th... And I am panicking!!! Why? Because I haven't been able to step foot in my classroom yet! The floors are still not finished... This news caused my stomach to knot up and my insomnia to flare up ( ok maybe I'm being a little dramatic) NOT! You see I'm usually in my room a full two weeks before I see anyone else in my building there and this will not be the case this year...and that frightens me...I am a TALKER, so this means I won't get near enough accomplished when I go back and everyone else is there too! Is anyone else facing this issue? Lol! I am behind... When am I not? When is any teacher not just a little behind? It'll be will get done. No pictures in this post, but I am making a strong promise to do better about that this year! I am not a very great blogger, but I'd like to be when I'm NOT so behind;) -Mrs. Ille :)
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