Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Right Now I Am...

Love the idea for the Think Write Share linky party over at Oh Boy 4th Grade...

So I had to participate!!!

Currently I Am:

LISTENING: to my husband explain the in's and out's of the oil field as it pertains to him in between the ding of his phone notifying him he has a text.

LOVING: That my classroom is almost finished and ENTIRE week and TWO days before school starts

THINKING: That summer has once again flown by and that my babies are growing up way too fast

WANTING: A Kitchen Aid stand mix in aqua... That cute little iphone 4 case from etsy...

NEEDING: A rainy day before school starts that I can stay in my pj's and enjoy


A Bowl Full of Lemons

Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss

Create Teach Share


  1. thanks for joining the linky party!!! I would LOVE a rainy day too!!!

  2. Wow, done early! How'd you mangage it, let me know the secret! :-)

  3. i love your "needing" comment...my favourite type of day and i'd like to order one, too! lol
    i found your blog from this linky party and am now a follower

  4. Just found your blog and followed! Can't wait to look around!

    Peace, Love and First Grade


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