Saturday, January 14, 2012

Da Plan...

So week two of the clutter free classroom decluttering project... This week's assignment was to list the rules/plan for decluttering...

1. I WILL get rid of multiple copies of paper items.

2. Sort through the MASSIVE amounts of professional books I have accumulated in the 8 years I've been teaching...give away the majority...I know that my Most used resource is the Internet. I'm also going to quit buying these's like a sickness!

3. Start small, so I don't get overwhelmed and QUIT;)

4. Put things up when I get them out

5. De-binder some of my books and use the bookbinder to save space...

6. JUST DO IT!!!!

I am also plannning to follow the rules on the cute freebie Jodi posted earli in the week to help me be a successful organizer... I want to be a recovered shover/piler.

I haven't purchased anything to help with removing the clutter, but I stashed a few copy paper boxes and a couple of empty milk crates in my room...I'm really thinking a box of HEFTY trash bags are going to do the most magic in my room;) winks!!!

Happy Weekend!


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